Jesus Film and Faith Comes By Hearing mash-up Bible resources

The Jesus Film has been translated into more than 1,050 languages.

Faith Comes By Hearing and the Jesus Film group are extending their longtime partnership to mash-up their extensive resources in support of the Bible.

What was unthinkable even a decade ago has now been made possible thanks to new technology and with mobile phones now able to play audio, text and video, the two ministries are tapping into these emerging possibilities by combining Faith Comes By Hearing's Digital Bible Platform and the extensive video inventory of the JESUS film.

Each ministry currently offers access to their own digital content via apps, websites and other digital expressions but in the last year, Faith Comes By Hearing has made it possible for people to access Jesus film content via its app.

With new API technology allowing full sharing of this content between organisations and across digital platforms, the latest collaboration between the two ministries brings together digital Bible text, audio and video in hundreds of different languages.

"By sharing content digitally, ministries and Bible organisations effectively broaden their reach and strengthen their ability to bring the Word of God to the world," states Troy Carl, FCBH vice president and architect of the Digital Bible Platform.

"In this digital era, this is very much the church – the Body of Christ – working together as we are commanded to do in Scripture."

The partnership between Jesus Film Media and Faith Comes By Hearing means that millions of users now have access to over a thousand language versions of The Jesus Film.

"We are excited about this breakthrough in both mobile technology and partnership which will resonate throughout the Kingdom and in every user's heart," said Jesus Film.

Carl added: "This is an exciting time to be a Christian and working to fulfill the Great Commission. Today's technology allows unprecedented sharing of content between partnering organizations and across so many different platforms and devices. Most importantly, it provides unmatched access to God's Word for the end user."

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