iPad Mini 5 release date, specs: Device slimmer than iPad Mini 4; 3.5mm headphone jack to be replaced by Bluetooth-powered AirPods

iPad Mini 4, the current model available before iPad Mini 5 is released

The iPhone 7 is now officially out and most users are very happy with the device. However, because of this, a lot of other users now have higher expectations for Apple's upcoming products, and chief among these is the iPad Mini 5, which is of course expected to be much powerful compared to its predecessor.

According to the University Herald, the previous iPad Mini used to bear a resemblance with its first generation counterpart, with only slight changes such as a slimmer design and a couple of features added in for more functionality.

Actually, a lot of people believe that Apple might be doing a tamer redesigning for the iPad Mini 5, and what this means is that it will only have minimal additions to its features while having a significant change in its outward appearance.

After all, the iPad Mini 5 is expected to be even thinner compared to the iPad Mini 4, and it will only be about 5mm thick once it is released. However, the apparent slimness of the device is compensated for by the new 7000-series Aluminum chassis used for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in order to ensure durability and prevent bending due to the lack of width.

Furthermore, Travelers Today reports that the device will have a 7.9-inch screen size with a retina display. It will also have an enhanced A9 processor complemented by 12 cores of seventh generation PowerVR graphics. However, while it will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack like the new iPhones, the upside is that the device will be more dust- and water-resistant.


With the lack of a headphone jack, the iPad Mini is then expected to have a Bluetooth-powered AirPod set. As for its memory, it will have 3 GB RAM of and 32 GB internal storage for the base variant, and 256 GB for its high-end variant.

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