'God's Not Dead' makers planning next faith-based film, 'Do You Believe?'

Possible sequel to 'God's Not Dead' also in the works.

(Photo: PureFlix)
God's Not Dead was released in U.S. theaters on March 21, 2014

The studio that created the popular film "God's Not Dead" recently announced that they are bringing another faith-based story to the big screen.

"Do You Believe?" has a bigger budget than their last unexpected hit, and a different cast and production team, but the film still carries a religious theme.

"[Do You Believe?] deals with the power of the cross and the relevancy of the cross in today's society," Pure Flix co-founder David A.R. White told The Blaze.

"'God's Not Dead' really dealt with, 'Is there a God?' ... the next step — as Christians — we believe [God] is Jesus Christ."

The movie will begin filming next month, and a spring 2015 release is a possibility. White also revealed that a sequel to "God's Not Dead" may come to pass.

"We're in early talks about the squeal to that film," he said. "We definitely believe that it will go on.

"A lot of the feedback that we received from the first one [centers on the questions], 'Where do these characters go on to?' 'What happens to them after?' We're taking all that into consideration."

It has been a good year for faith-based movie and television projects.

The success of "Noah," "God's Not Dead," and "Son of God," have led to several other projects with religious themes getting the green light.

A film adaptation of Anne Rice's best-selling novel "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" will begin production in September. Titled "Christ the Lord," the movie will be produced by Enzo Sisti, who also worked on "The Passion of the Christ".

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" will be released in December, and the rights to Reza Aslan's controversial book, "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," were bought by Lionsgate in December.

White explained the increasing box office success of faith-based stories.

"I think our country is hungry for this type of entertainment," he said. "This spiritual content that is uplifting their spirits, that is encouraging their faith."

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