Glasgow helicopter crash victims remembered at memorial service

Catherine Whitley (left) the wife of Reverend Whitley, with Grace Clarkson, attending a special service led by Reverend Dr Laurence Whitley at Glasgow Cathedral to remember the victims of the Glasgow helicopter crash.

Prayers have been said at a memorial service for those affected by the Clutha Vaults helicopter crash in Glasgow.

Nine people are known to have died in Friday night's accident, including all three on board the helicopter.  Rescuers have not ruled out the possibility of finding more bodies. 

The service at Glasgow Cathedral was led by the Reverend Dr Laurence Whitley, who spoke of the need to find hope even in the midst of difficult circumstances. 

"At such times it is difficult to find hope, but hope we must, so that nothing denies the triumph of the human spirit," he said.

He continued: "When we do what is good and true and right, God is strengthened – he is able to bring his goodness to bear.

"At times like this we ask: 'When can we live without such pain and loss?' The church must answer that we do not know, but this first day of advent serves as a promise that this will come.

"We do not end this day in pain and loss. We stand defiant, and in our great and vibrant and irrepressible city we stand hand-in-hand to go forward into the light."

Children lit candles during the service and readings were given by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill.

The service was also attended by paramedics and emergency services personnel who had attended the scene of the crash.

Hundreds of people filled Glasgow Cathedral for the service on Sunday morning.

Afterwards, Ms Sturgeon said: "It was a very moving service, a very poignant service. I think it was important that the service took place this morning.

"Everybody in Glasgow wants to do something to let those who've been most directly affected by this tragedy know that we're thinking of them and that although we can't begin to imagine the grief and loss that they're suffering, they're not alone."

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