'Game of Thrones' season 5 spoilers: Cersei's Walk of Shame, Stannis' siege on Winterfell, and Jon Snow's death in episode 10?

The penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones" season 5 was very tragic, with Princess Shireen's death and Daenerys' flight with her dragon Drogon, but the season finale may still have epic stories waiting to unravel. HBO recently launched the episode 10 promotional trailer which reveals some of the plot points fans can expect to unfold in the finale. 

The promotional trailer and the episode's official synopsis states that Jon Snow is challenged. It is possible that he is being challenged by members of the Night's Watch after he willingly allowed Wildlings to cross the Wall in their preparation against the White Walkers. 

[Spoiler Warning] Fans of the books will recall that this is about the same time that some of the brothers betray Jon Snow and stab him, leaving him to die in the cold snow. His fate is still unknown, and it's possible that the season 5 finale will end with this exact scene. 

The promotional trailer also shows Cersei Lannister at her breaking point, which is why fans have speculated that the finale might depict her character's Walk of Shame. This is an event in the books where Cersei repents for her crimes by walking naked in the streets as the people jest at her. 

As cited by the IBTimes, actress Lenna Headey has made it a point to keep Cersei clothed even during sex scenes because she looks at it as a means of empowering the character. 

"I've been very adamant about keeping Cersei kind of clothed because I think that's part of her power. And she can still be sort of sexual and weird and female, but she doesn't have to be naked. And I think it makes for a more shocking disempowering moment when this happens," the actress explained. 

The last few moments of the trailer also depicts Stannis Baratheon preparing to attack Winterfell. Melisandre is heard stating that Shireen's sacrifice "worked" and that they are guaranteed to win the siege. Sansa Stark, who is at Winterfell, seems to have lost all hope and is even prepared to die. 

The season 5 finale of "Game of Thrones" titled "Mother's Mercy" airs this June 14.