Family and work/life balance are challenge to Christian women

Family and the daily struggle to balance work and life are the two biggest challenges for Christian women in Britain today, according to the results of a new survey.

The CPanel survey identified materialism, sexual pressures, finances and the media portrayal of women as additional challenges.

Of those surveyed, 60% said family problems were their main challenge, followed by the work/life balance at 58%.

This was followed by societal pressures at 51% and the portrayal of women in the media at 42%.

Around 15% of the women questioned regarded sexism and 20% regarded discrimination as a main challenge.

Christian men were also surveyed on their challenges. The highest ranked issue was the pressure from society to behave in certain ways at 49%.

The work/life balance was listed second at 47%, followed by issues surrounding pornography (43%) and materialism (40%).

The survey was carried out on behalf of Premier Christian Radio ahead of its Woman to Woman Conference in London on 27 October.

Maria Rodrigues-Toth, founder of the ‘Woman to Woman’ events and Premier presenter said: “Christian women in the 21st century are clearly facing the pressure of juggling family life and career, and this survey highlights that spiritual and practical strain."

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