Europe's "God TV" Expands to the United States

Europe’s Christian broadcaster GOD TV is scheduled to officially launch in the United States on direct TV on 6 October, 2005.

Europe’s Christian broadcaster GOD TV is scheduled to officially launch in the United States on direct TV on 6 October, 2005. God TV reports that the ‘God Channel’ reaches a potential 270 million viewers in over 200 nations and regions.
As GOD TV’s reach continues to expand across the world, the main focus of the ministry now is to make its launch in America next month.

GOD TV was founded by Wendy and Rory Alec and is broadcast from Israel. Over the past year, GOD TV Central Office has been established in Washington DC with new studios for the ministry’s global outreach and launch into Canada, the USA and South America.

The studios have already been used for Missions Week, Call for Prayer and Behind the Screens. The permanent broadcast control room has been completed recently. Earlier this year the GOD Channel started airing in Australia & New Zealand, reaching a potential audience of 120,000 homes.

“We sense it is very significant in the Spirit for GOD TV to be here in Washington, DC,” said Rory Alec.

“The GOD Channel can already be accessed in the USA through the Internet, but we are now negotiating with satellite and cable operators to take our signal to the widest possible audience so more people can avail themselves of a new breed of life-changing Christian programming.”

Wendy Alec explained the significance of GOD TV’s US launch...“The Lord told us, ‘I want GOD TV to cry out to the East Coast’ and that is a very clear instruction,” she said. |TOP|

“There are major political decisions made here and the spiritual forces over this city are fierce, but having birthed GOD TV in the UK & Europe, spiritual warfare is not new to us and we will not be intimidated.”

In a newly updated version of her book 'The Journal of the Unknown Prophet', Wendy writes that the devil has been trying to speed up the end time destruction of the entire East Coast of America, but tells that it is in prayer that Satan's premature plans will be hindered, according to GOD TV web site.

“Destruction will happen,” she writes, “but it doesn’t have to happen now. The devil is furiously trying to thwart the plan of Almighty God. But it is God’s sovereign time for the East Coast of America. He has planned such a radical move of The Holy Spirit from here, it will impact the Americas and the world, and in less than a decade, the East Coast will be called America’s ‘Bible Belt’. Several major ministries will sovereignly be realigned to the East Coast and we are privileged to be a part of this.”

According to GOD TV’s website, the ministry has been broadcasting Christian programmes for 10 years in the UK & Europe. It celebrates the fact that they have 20 satellites covering over 200 nations and territories reaching millions of people, as it marks its 10th anniversary on 1 October, 2005.

This year, “through a miraculous chain of events”, God TV has upgraded its master control facilities with “state-of-the art broadcast equipment,” according to its website.

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