'Dragon Ball Super' episode 59 and 60 spoilers, news: Beerus ends Zamasu after he murders Gowasu, is the future is now saved?

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Lord Beerus from 'Dragon Ball Super'

According to the latest spoiler reports, not one but possible two characters are going to be meeting their end in the next episode of the highly popular anime television series, "Dragon Ball Super." The previous episodes have of course hinted that the storyline was going to be coming to this conclusion as Zamasu's evil plans continue to be uncovered.

In the previous episode — episode 58 titled "Zamasu and Black: Their Mystery Deepens!" — Goku and the rest of team were able to deduce Zamasu's plan when they noticed that his future self was wearing a Potara. The piece of jewelry is only allowed to be worn by Kaioshins, which leads the team to believe that the present Zamasu must be planning to kill Universe 10's Kaioshin, Gowasu.

The team then decide to travel to Universe 10 and to try and stop Zamasu from killing his master. Beerus and Whis, on the other hand, are not about to interfere as Beerus seems to want to see more evidence for the accusation.

The upcoming episode — episode 59 titled "Protect Kaioshin Gowasu, Destroy Zamasu!" — will reportedly feature the death of Gowasu as Zamasu's plans are put into motion.

The recently released trailer for the episode showed Gowasu drinking what looks to be poisoned tea which Zamasu gives the former after having their snack. Gowasu is then showed to have dropped and spilled his tea, which indicates that the poison may have worked. Goku and the rest of the team soon arrive, but are apparently too late to prevent Gowasu's murder.


Predictions have revealed that the next episode — episode 60, titled "Back to the Future: Goku Black's Identity Revealed" — will be featuring the death of the present Zamasu at the hands of Beerus, the God of Destruction.

Beerus will reportedly step in after seeing the Kaoshin's murder and instantly vaporize Zamasu in the blink of an eye.

After the present Zamasu was killed, Goku and the rest are now assuming that the future has already been saved. Future Trunks, however, is still uncomfortable with the entire situation and decides to visit the future to see for himself if it has really returned back to normal.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 59 is set to air on Sept. 25, while episode 60 will follow soon after on Oct. 2.

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