'Clash Royale' 2016 latest news and update: Supercell's freemium game dethrones 'Pokemon Go' as US App Store's top grossing game

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The augmented reality mobile video game "Pokémon Go" and the spin-off strategy mobile game "Clash Royale" both got some very big updates this month, but it seems like the significance of their content may have varied as there has apparently been a big shift in regards to the players of both titles.

As of this writing, "Pokémon Go" has officially lost its hold as the top grossing game in the U.S. App Store, ending its 74-day reign on the top spot.

Currently, the top grossing app on the U.S. App Store is the free-to-play title from SuperCell, which now reigns the charts thanks to its numerous new features that are apparently drawing in its player's hard earned cash.

Despite being dethroned, "Pokémon Go" probably still raked in the profits during its time in the top spot, and is now a part of an elite list of top grossing games which includes the reigning record holder "Clash of Clans" with 374 days and "Candy Crush Saga" with 109 days.

The main difference between the updates that were received by both games is that SuperCell's update to "Clash Royale" seemed to contain content that lured players into spending money on the game itself.


The update for "Pokémon Go," on the other hand, only added its new "Buddy System" which doesn't really add to their profit margins.

The September update for "Clash Royale" included a bunch of interesting features and add-ons which include new challenge modes, two new chests, and four new cards. The challenge modes themselves requires players to spend gems in order to enter. The Classic Challenge mode required 10 gems to enter, while the Grand Challenge required 100 gems to enter. The two new chests, the Legendary Chest and the Epic Chest, can be acquired for free through battle rewards, but they can also be purchased in the game's shop for a ludicrous amount of gems, which of course translates to real money.

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