'Clash of Clans' September 2016 update with new 'Clan Challenge' coming out in a few days?

clashofclans.com / SuperCell
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The extremely successful mobile games developer SuperCell had just recently released its big September update for its strategy spin-off mobile game "Clash Royale." However, there is apparently still no news on when it would be releasing the September update for the original game the spin-off was based on, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online mobile video game "Clash of Clans." Given the large amount of new content that was added to "Clash Royale," it might be safe to say that fans should be expecting more of the same for "Clash of Clans."

According to the reports, the update may be bringing with it a brand new challenge mode that will  allow clans to issue "friendly war requests" to any clan online. The challenge mode is expected to be quite different from the Clan Wars mode that is already in the game.

SuperCell has also debunked the rumor that it would be replacing Clan Wars altogether. The company specifically mentioned that it will be an entirely different mode on top of Clan Wars.

Aside from the new mode, fans are also expecting that the September update will contain one of the most highly requested features by the community, Town Hall level 12. While its addition within the next update has not been officially confirmed by the developer, some fans are still clinging to the hope of its arrival.

As for the update's release date, SuperCell has not yet issued any statements, but the update is expected to be released any day now. Some reports are claiming that the update may already be done and that the developer is now making the final preparations for its release.


A recently announced server maintenance break that took an entire hour to complete was also seen by some as a clear indication that SuperCell is preparing its servers for the update's arrival.

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