Churches Together in Britain & Ireland Attend China Bible School Opening

Delegates of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have been represented at the opening of a new Bible School in provincial China.

|TOP|Guizhou Bible School is in the city of Guiyang, provincial capital of Guizhou province. The new school serves Chinese churches in urban and provincial areas, including remote rural churches serving people from diverse ethnic groups, according to CTBI.

“The Church is growing in China at a phenomenal rate, particularly in rural areas,” said Caroline Fielder of CTBI’s China Forum.

“Cults and heresies are also spreading fast and the need for sound biblical teaching is very much needed. This new Bible School is a significant contribution to the Chinese Church in an area of great need. It was a privilege to share in the opening celebrations with our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ.

"Alongside the joy we felt, the presence of ecumenical visitors at the opening ceremony was also a symbol of our commitment to partnership with Chinese Christians at their points of need and of hope”.

The ten delegates present included the Right Reverend David Urquhart, Bishop of Birkenhead, and the Right Reverend Dr hans-Juergen Abromeit, Bishop of Pomerania. They visited churches throughout Guizhou where graduates from Guizhou Bible School are serving as preachers, pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers and worship leaders. |QUOTE|

The CTBI delegation also travelled to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing where they visited churches and theological seminaries, meeting with leaders and theologians. They visited the headquarters of the China Christian Council and St Ignatius Catholic Cathedral in Shanghai.

The delegation held talks with Catholic and Protestant leaders, including Bishop Jin Luxian of Shanghai and the Reverend Dr Cao Shengjie, President of the China Christian Council.

“The Church in China offers real signs of hope and faith in a society that is being transformed rapidly,” said Bishop Urquhart. “This was a unique time of sharing between churches of many lands during which we learned much from each other”.

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