Churches could become police 'access points'

Churches could become 'access points' for members of the public to report crime under new plans.

Scotland Yard has proposed that access points be opened in places of worship, coffee shops and even football stadiums to make up for the closure of police station counters, The Times reports.

The closures have been brought about as a result of funding cuts.

However, there are concerns that the proposals could compromise victim privacy and put people off reporting sensitive crimes, like rape.

The plans are due to come before London Mayor Boris Johnson and his deputy for policing, Stephen Greenhalgh next week.

David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, told The Times yesterday: "Going into a police station is often the last thing people want to do: they are often under emotional strain. This is not the environment in which you expect victims to be sharing the space with people drinking lattes.

"It's a serious public service that requires serious public premises."

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