Church in Wales consults on 'code of practice' for women bishops

The Church in Wales Governing Body has approved women bishops, although the change will not come into full effect until September 2014

The Church in Wales has launched a consultation on a Code of Practice for women bishops.

It follows the passing of a Bill by the Church's Governing Body in September to enable the consecration of women.

The legislation passed included the requirement to draw up a Code of Practice to ensure all members of the Church could feel accepted and valued, including those who cannot in conscience accept women bishops.

The consecration of the first women bishops has been delayed until after 12 September 2014 in order to allow the Code of Practice to be drawn up.

The consultation has been launched by bishops of the Church in Wales, who will be organising open meetings on the issue in each of the six Welsh dioceses, starting in the New Year.

The bishops are also inviting written submissions on what provisions the Code should include.

In April next year, an open discussion will take place at the Church's Governing Body before the final Code of Practice is published ahead of the September deadline.

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, said, "While we, as bishops, welcome the decision that women can now be ordained as bishops in Wales, we recognise that there are some people who do not.

"We want to make sure that adequate provision is made for them so that they will still feel valued and accepted in the Church and will continue to worship and minister alongside us.

"We have been entrusted to draw up a Code of Practice within a year and we are keen to consult as widely as possible with church members in order to reflect their views as best we can."

Written submissions should be sent to the Provincial Secretary at 39 Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9XF, or to before 31 December 2013.

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