Christians welcome Bedford clampdown on sex clubs

Bedford Council has introduced a 'nil' policy on sex establishments to the delight of local Christians.

The council adopted the measure unanimously, giving it much stronger grounds to refuse applications for new adult clubs in the future.

The policy states that "there is no locality in the borough that is considered appropriate for a sexual entertainment venue".  

Bedford has already refused applications for new sex establishments in recent years, as have other councils, including Oxford and Maidstone.

The move was welcomed by the Christian Legal Centre, which has been a strong advocate in opposing sex clubs.  


Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: "We are massively encouraged by the multiple successes we have seen in opposing sex establishments in city centres.

"It's great to see local councils using their new powers for good and responding to people's concerns about such places. 

"Our city centres should be kept as community spaces where parents can take their children without fear."

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