Christian thinkers accuse politicians, media of failing to name Islam as the real enemy behind terror attacks

Evangelical Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias says those who expose the truth about Islam do so at great risk to their personal safety.(RZIM)

Western politicians and the media have apparently joined forces in deceiving the public on the real enemy behind terror attacks, respected Christian thinkers charged.

In a blog titled "Is Paris Burning," Ravi Zacharias, one of these Christian thinkers, said Europe, America and the entire free world are being lied to by their politicians and most of their media on the real perpetrators of terrorism.

In a blog he posted on his own international ministries website on Nov. 18, Zacharias said he was in England on the night of the Paris terrorist attacks. When he read the newspapers the next day, he says the papers used such words in their headlines as "carnage," "massacre," "assassination," "murder," "blood," "death," "screams," "terror," etc.

"Television programming was pre-empted and viewers were cautioned that some of the scenes of the slaughter were graphic," Zacharias wrote.

He said the media reports depicted a world at war, but not officially and not seriously enough to name the enemy.

Days later, the Islamic State (ISIS) acknowledged that it was the author of the heinous terror attacks in Paris. Although the media reported on this, the reports failed to answer key questions in the people's minds.

"So we ask," Zacharias said, "what is the belief behind all this that kills with such callousness? We do not get any answers. We are told by some that [Islam] is a religion of peace. Others call it a political theory at its core covered with the garb of religion to give it maximum protection as it invokes the laws of blasphemy."

He said people in power "dare not unpack the truth" about the world's real enemy, which he said is Islam.

Zacharias said those who expose the truth about Islam do so at great risk to their personal safety. Many, such as Pamela Geller, get vilified in the media and even barred from entering a country like Britain, WND reported.

Geller, author of "Stop the Islamisation of America," wrote in her blog that "the U.K. Home Office banned me from the country for standing up against this Muslim brutality and thuggery."

Clare Lopez, vice president for research and analysis for the Center for Security Policy, accused America's leaders of failing to recognise Islam for what it is, WND reported.

"Our top leadership has never understood what Islam really is and implemented policies they thought were going to empower 'democratic forces' against dictators – never realising the reason those dictators were able to hold things together was precisely because they suppressed jihad, and that if they let up the pressure or if genuinely free elections were held, the jihadis would win – or at least surge back up to cause mayhem again," Lopez said.

Author and filmmaker G.M. Davis also tackled the issue in his new book, "House of War: Islam's Jihad Against the World." In it, he concludes that "the origin of Islamic violence is Islam itself."