'Chicago Fire' season 5 premiere spoilers: Is Dawson contemplating about the dangers at work and raising Louie with Casey?

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Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) might be finally on their way to a lasting relationship when "Chicago Fire" returns on NBC for season 5.

Their relationship seemed to go down the drain after Dawson suffered a miscarriage with their child. But when Casey realized that he wants to give their love another shot at the end of season 4, he found out about Dawson's petition to become the foster of that child that she saved while on duty. Will this change Casey's mind?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Derek Haas revealed that Casey and Dawson will deal with the challenges of working together on a fire truck and raising a child at home.

According to Haas, this could be particularly hard for Dawson, since this will be the first time that she will have the responsibility of being a new mom while she and the child's father figure both have a very difficult and dangerous job. "She goes through some close calls. She has to make some decisions about what it is she wants in life and where her newfound priorities are in terms of being a firefighter or being a foster parent to Louie," the executive producer said.

Aside from the first-time parenting challenges, the couple will also reportedly face another hurdle because of Casey's political consultant, Susan Weller (Lauren Stamile). Haas teased that Susan will be back in the premiere episode of season 5, and it may pose a threat to the new family unit.


The premiere episode is reportedly titled "The Hose or the Animal," and it will feature "Chicago Med" character Grant (Guy Burnet). According to reports, Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) will be tasked to look for Grant who suddenly left the hospital in an unstable state.

"Chicago Fire" season 5 premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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