Brits still houseproud despite tough economic climate

(Photo: Stef)

People might be feeling the pinch from austerity and Britain's sluggish economy, but over a quarter are still making home improvements several times a year.

That's according to a new survey by Anglian Home Improvements.

For some, it's all about image, with just under a third (31%) admitting to doing up their home just to have the best house on the street.

Just under 17% said they keep an eye on their neighbours' home improvements, while one in 10 said they had fallen out with neighbours over their refurbishments because of issues like noise, planning permission, mess or changes being in keeping with the rest of the street.

The average amount spent on home improvements in the last two years by those surveyed was £2,706. One in eight said they had spent £5,000.


Half of those surveyed said they were planning to fit a new kitchen or bathroom, while one in four said they wanted a conservatory.

Melanie McDonald, Head of Marketing and Communications at Anglian Home Improvements said: "The findings of the survey are very much in line with our experience at Anglian, as we often find that once one household has had its windows upgraded we'll get called back to visit others in the same street enquiring about new windows or perhaps building a conservatory.

"Despite the tough economic times, the evidence proves that we're still a very house proud nation and it certainly seems that it is as important as ever to keep up appearances."

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