Be 'agents of the resurrection' for others

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon the Right Reverend John Davies

In his Easter message, the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon is asking the church not to become so wrapped up in its own affairs that it loses sight of the Good News.

Bishop John Davies said the Church could sometimes do a "pretty poor job" of sharing the Good News and was too often "seen to be preoccupied with its own internal concerns".

"Too often it can appear out of touch with real people's lives; too often it can appear to be against this or that or everything," he said.

"Such a pity when what really kicked the whole thing off was an event of cosmic significance for every man, woman or child who has ever lived or is yet to be born."

Although many people today are "disillusioned with institutional religion" and "weighed down" with pain, he said the answer to mankind's woes could still be found in Jesus and the events of Easter.


"Just as God, in the crucified Jesus, having touched the very depths of that darkness and pain brought from it hope and renewal, so too every human being has the capacity to be an agent of resurrection in the darkness and pain of someone else in need," he said.

"If the church, in some places, is utterly pre-occupied with its own agenda and has nothing to say about resurrecting hope, love, purpose and justice in the lives of others, in our communities and beyond, it's missed the point.

"Take it from me that it's those things that are the real agenda and that you have the capacity to play a part in making them happen.

"I wish you a thoughtful, loving and resurrecting Easter."

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