Asian travellers most willing to give up little luxuries for holidays

Photo: Mike Towse
The lack of sunshine seems to have been enough to convince some of a holiday elsewhere this summer

When it comes to scrimping and saving for a holiday, a TripAdvisor poll has found that Asians are the most willing to cut back in order to get themselves on vacation.  

In the survey of over 19,000 travellers and 10,000 accommodation owners worldwide, Asians were the most likely (86%) to make sacrifices in their daily life to save up for a trip.

"Asian consumers believe that holidays are too important to spend less on and view them as a reward that they and their families deserve," the travel website said.

Across nationalities, 41% said they were willing to sacrifice nights out, while 37% said they would cut out eating in restaurants and another 37% shopping for clothes and other non-essentials.

Eighty-five per cent of travellers are planning to travel in their own country in 2014, with saving money and discovering their own country popular reasons for domestic travel.

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