Are we running the race marked out for us?

It’s great to strive for new personal bests in sports, our career or other pursuits, but it’s also worth thinking about what we are putting in to give our best for God.

Run Your Race is the new book of devotionals from Rachel Hickson, who together with her husband runs Heartcry, a ministry helping local churches with training in the areas of prayer and the prophetic.

The book is presented as a 40-day series that offers a new focus for meditation each week.

They are: heroism, courage, purity, sacrifice, passion and becoming champions.

Says Rachel: “This set of devotions has been written with a desire to help you focus your life so that you run passionately after God.

“I want these readings to trigger your passion to give your life away completely, and so fulfil every purpose of God for which you were made.”

The book is intended to complement previous releases, “Stepping Stones to Freedom” and “Pathway of Peace”, also penned by Rachel.

The three have been published by Monarch not only to restore Christians but to help them establish a habit of prayer and live out their faith.

Andy Hawthorne, founder of the Message Trust, said: “God really does have a race marked out for each one of us. This book will equip us to run ours for His glory and the good of His world. Let’s go for it!”

"Run Your Race" by Rachel Hickson is out from Monarch priced £8.99

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