Album round-up

Jeremy Camp

The talented Jeremy Camp is ready to share with the world what God has done for him in his new album, Reckless, out now. There are eleven songs on the album, with "Reckless" being the title track. There are strong lyrics, like "My God you are a beautiful love" from the beautiful praise track "My God". Praising God in a way that gives no thought to self or image is the ultimate message Jeremy conveys in this glorious and uplifting album.

Martin Smith, British singer-songwriter, is set to release his first full-length solo album, God's Great Dance Floor: Step 1, out on 23 April. The album is filled with refreshing, creative and soulful sounds, bringing modernity to traditional gospel lyrics. In his title track, he sings "I am alive, on God's great dance floor". "Safe in your arms" conveys the sense of security in the hands of the Lord. Throughout the album Martin's message is love and security in God.

Plumb has just released her new album titled Need You Now. The title track is compelling and her voice is spellbinding to listen to. Fans will be able to connect with this honest collection of songs that touch on lostness, darkness and the hope and strength that God brings into the sometimes desperate situations we face. Stand out tracks are "Need You Now" and "Beautiful".

Hillsong United created quite a storm with the release of their latest album, Zion. And little wonder. This is yet another great collection of worship songs giving expression to the great grace of God – see especially "Scandal of Grace". Overall, this album strikes a calm and reassuring tone that brings the audience to a completely different place. Hillsong fans are sure be pleased with this new album.

Darlene Zschech has just released her new album, Revealing Jesus. The album continues her traditional style of power worship song, with tracks like "God is here", "In Jesus Name" and "Victor's crown". Together, they place the story of Jesus firmly at the heart of this album and remind us once again of what Jesus came to earth for, how He came to save us all and how we as Christians are forever grateful to him.


Samuel Lane recently released his debut solo album, The Fire, a collection of twelve powerful songs, the highlight of which is "Fiery Love", a thrilling song in which Samuel sings of the power Jesus has to revive our hearts. All the songs in the album capture not only his passion for Jesus but his authenticity as an artist. His lyrics are convicting and the presence of God is written all over this album.

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