Vicar's message of hope to hit-and-run mourners

The Reverend Jan Gould offered words of comfort to the family of a woman killed in a tragic hit-and-run incident in Cardiff last month.

Speaking at the funeral of Karina Menzies on Friday, Reverend Gould spoke of the light of Christ that penetrates the darkness of death.

Ms Menzies was killed as she crossed a road with two of her children. Thirteen other people were injured in what appeared to be a spree of deliberate collisions. Two people remain in hospital. A 31-year-old man has been charged with murder and other offences.

Around 500 people filled the Church of the Resurrection in Ely for the service. Another 200 watched the live broadcast outside the church building.

Ms Gould paid tribute to Ms Menzies’ love for her three daughters saying, “Her love for her children no doubt was a huge inspiration for her in moving forward and getting on with life because they were her world, she would do anything for them and as we know, she paid the ultimate price to save them three weeks ago today. There is no clearer sign of the depth of her love for them than that.”

The two hymns chosen by the family were All Things Bright And Beautiful and Walking In The Light. Soloist Jess Alan sang Amazing Grace.

After the service a collection was taken for the trust fund set up for Ms Menzies' children.

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