The power of pumpkin

Pumpkins are traditionally associated with jack o'lanterns at Halloween but they are also great to eat and a good source of key nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, manganese and beneficial plant sterols.

Omega Nutrition, which has just launched several organic pumpkin products, has these recommendations.

Pumpkin seed oil – great for salad dressings

Unrefined pumpkin seed oil is very nutritious and a good source of Omega 6. It contains nine fatty acids and is a healthy oil that is good for the skin and hair.

Pumpkin seed protein powder – a great tasting organic vegetarian protein

This high protein wholefood is milled from defatted pumpkin seeds. One 15g serving gives you nearly 10g of protein with the whole spectrum of amino acids. It's not only good for body builders but works as a protein alternative to whey and soy, and can be added to green smoothies, yoghurts, cereals, juices, sprinkled on salads or even used in baking.

Pumpkin seed butter – a nutritious alternative to nut butters

This savoury spread has the benefits of the oils and proteins in a great savoury spread and is a good alternative to peanut and other nut butters - ideal for people who suffer from nut allergies.

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