2016 iMac release date: All-in-One Apple PC rumored to come with 5K display and VR-ready AMD GPU

Current generation Apple iMac

While Apple has already released the stars of their 2016 product line-up — which includes the new iPhone 7 and the new Apple Watch 2 — the company may not be done just yet as there still seems to be a few products it will be launching in the next couple of months.

New reports are now suggesting that the Cupertino-based tech company may be launching the 2016 version of the all-in-one desktop computer — the Apple iMac — next month.

Apple has not yet officially confirmed the existence of the 2016 Apple iMac, but rumors still continue to proliferate online. Some of the reports do contain some very interesting predictions about the features and hardware that will be coming with the new generation iMac computer.

One of the biggest predictions for the new iMac seems to point to it coming with full VR compatibility and features.

The rumors have stemmed from previous reports which claim that the 2016 iMac will likely be coming with the Polaris-based graphics processors from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD). The graphics cards from the company do of course come with full VR support, so it would only be within reason that Apple would want to take advantage of it and place VR features on the new iMac.


Another interesting rumor claims that the iMac would also likely be coming with a brand new innovation to its display resolution. Reports are claiming that the iMac may very well be featuring a high-tech 5K display that will have a staggering 5120×2880 pixel resolution.

It is also being rumored that Apple had partnered with LG Electronics to develop this display for its new 2016 iMac.

As of the moment, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied these claims, which means that majority of them still continue to be mere speculations. The 2016 iMac is rumored to be launched sometime in October, and then made publicly available shortly after.

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